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Precision and quality with A.R.C. Laser optimized Otolaryngology solutions for Sinus, Oral , Otology, Endoscopy, Micro Endoscopy and Larynx applications.


 Diode laser models


Surgical parts and accesories


Best in class lasers for Nail Fungus, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Mosaic and Solitary Warts,  Corns, Matrixectomy and Foot Telangiectasia.


Diode laser models

Smoke evacuators and accessories


ARC Laser’s renown soft tissue dental lasers, now equipped with EmunDo® technology, a patented laser activated photo thermal dye.

 Diode laser models

EmunDo® – laser activated photo thermal dye


High power, small footprint infrared lasers, for various dermatology applications requiring coagulation and ablation as well as precise incision and excision.


Diode laser models

Smoke evacuators and accessories


Optimized diode lasers for various Ophthalmic applications, including Lacrimal surgery and DCR.

Unique laser models with kits designed for Lacrimal surgery and DCR.



Effective Anti-bacterial and Oncology treatments using A.R.C. Laser patented EmunDo® dye – laser activated highly concentrated “Infracyanine Green” (ICG) formula.


Surgical Lasers, Anti Bacterial and Oncology Laser Systems, “Cold Therapy” Lasers

EmunDo® dye – laser activated highly concentrated “Infracyanine Green” (ICG) formula.
 Anti-bacterial and Oncology treatments using A.R.C. Laser technology.

Smoke evacuators and accessories

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