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To be a solutions focused provider of medical devices to the global  medical  community.


BritaMed is Health Canada registered for the importation and distribution of class II,III medical devices (MDEL #4799; Company ID 134258).

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Quality Statement

Compliance with corporate quality programs is essential to the attainment of this policy.  It is the responsibility of all of our employees to work together to fulfill our quality policy.

Here’s what our customers have to say…


I have been using the FOX laser now for approximately 2 years and the initial feedback has been amazing.

Dr. Roy Mathews, DPM –Vancouver, BC

“I have been using the FOX laser now for approximately 2 years and the initial feedback has been amazing. Typically with soft tissue, biomechanical foot disorders you have the option of controlling the issue with an orthotic or brace, instituting physiotherapy, possible cortisone injections and then followed by surgery. There was no direct way of manipulating the damaged soft tissue within the foot except for opening the foot for surgery. The Fox laser has allowed us to disrupt and heal the scar tissue within the foot almost immediately following treatment. To see a patient walk-in with pain and 30 min. later walkout pain-free has been exceptional. The FOX laser has been helpful with plantar fasciitis / heel spur syndrome, Morton’s Neuromas and postsurgical scars. I can only imagine what other disorders will be able to treat with the laser in the future.”
— Dr. Roy Mathews, DPM 
Vancouver, BC


“I know BritaMed since 2012,  great people to deal with, friendly and highly knowledgeable. I always received immediate support with every clinical questions I had.

Dr. Joseph Stern, DPM  -Vancouver, BC 

“The company provided me with promo material and ongoing assistance with laser services planning.  I’ve been using their FOX podiatry laser for Onychomycosis and soft tissue with excellent results and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid reputable machine.”

— Dr. Joseph Stern, DPM
Vancouver, BC


BritaMed is one of the better companies we’ve worked with over the years.  Their service and support are top notch, instant response time with high level of technical and clinical knowledge.

Dr. William Urton, DPM –Langley, BC

“I purchased a FOX laser from BritaMed almost 3 years ago, after research I did to identify the best laser to my clinic with a good reputable local company that will provide solid technical support.   Both the laser and the level of support exceeded all my expectations. BritaMed is one of the better companies we’ve worked with over the years.  Their service and support are top notch, instant response time with high level of technical and clinical knowledge.The laser has become an important part in my two clinics as we are using it on a daily base. The fact that the laser is portable, was especially important for me since I’m using it at both of my clinics.  The laser is very effective for Onychomycosis treatment, Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis as well as dealing with stubborn warts.  I managed to reach many new patients after advertising the laser at local Spa locations for the Nail Fungus treatment.  Our patients are very happy with the results.”

— Dr. William Urton, DPM 
Vancouver, Langley, BC


We’ve been using the FOX laser in our clinic for almost 3 years;  it is exceptional and versatile tool that is also very easy to learn and use.

Dr. Anthony Yung, MD  -Vancouver, BC 

“This laser added a great value to our clinic;  we were able to offer more services and provide additional alternative types of treatments for common conditions.
Using the FOX  for warts treatment for example worked very well, I was able to get rid of stubborn cases while minimizing surrounding tissue damage.
The FOX is a great alternative for oral treatment for nail fungus, the laser can deal even with total dystrophic nails and combined with topical we managed to reach very high success rates.We use the laser also for low level laser therapies for conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis with very good results;   laser’s energy seems to penetrate quite deep reaching inflamed tissue and starting a localized metabolic healing process along with noticeable pain relief.”

— Dr. Anthony Yung, MD
Vancouver, BC

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